Passed the OA…barely

Well, I just got back from D.C. a few hours ago and had an interesting trip, to say the least. I spent the weekend checking out a couple of the free museums and trying not to freeze. D.C. is a pretty cool town really – great public transit and plenty to see and do.

My O.A. was this morning and went pretty well. There was a couple of written tests that I did great on, a first interview with HR folks that I also did great on, followed by a second interview that I did so-so on. My nerves were starting to catch up with me near the end and it showed – what can I say, 3+ hours of testing and nervousness would wear anyone out! Fortunately the assessors were willing to chalk it up to nerves, so I did successfully pass! I don’t know my actual score yet, since the assessors didn’t give it to me. I’m not really holding my breath since I didn’t exactly pass with flying colors, but at least I’m still in the running!

I’m using the rest of this week to get started on my Medical and Security Clearances. All sorts of exciting paperwork to be filled out…

~ by theuncommonlife on March 1, 2010.

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