Interview complete & future plans

Finished my security interview today, which was an interesting experience. The interviewer was pretty much floored when I sat down and actually had all the paperwork he asked for. Apparently my fastidious obsession with being organized is not as common as I thought! He wouldn’t give me any idea on how long the total investigation would take, but fortunately no red flags have come up yet. I also heard rumors this week of the next orientation class being in early summer, possibly mid-June. I’ll be a bit surprised if I’m on the hiring register in time for that class, but I still think later this year might be a possibility.

I’ve also been giving a lot of thought the past week or two as to what I will do for the more immediate future. I am still working with an acquaintance in Seoul, South Korea – I have a promising lead on some work there, and am currently trying to flesh things out a bit. Right now I’m still leaning towards giving Korea a go – particularly given that the Foreign Service isn’t a guaranteed deal. That, and I’m getting the travel bug yet again…maybe some more time in Asia will help with that…

~ by theuncommonlife on March 26, 2010.

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