A hectic week

Since I’m finally enjoying a somewhat relaxed weekend, I thought I’d use the opportunity to finally post an update. I arrived in Seoul Wednesday night, and spent the last few days getting things set up, furnishing my place a bit, and just trying to get my bearings. The flight over was uneventful but long – a nearly 4-hour flight from Kansas City to San Francisco on a tiny United commuter jet, followed by a 3-hour layover at SFO, then a 13-hour flight to Seoul on Singapore Airlines.

Flight from Kansas City to SFO

Usually I seem to have the worst luck getting any sort of rest or relaxation on trans-pacific flights, and the flight to Seoul was no exception. Between the screaming kids and the lack of legroom, I didn’t sleep at all during the flight and felt like I was sleepwalking when I arrived. On the upside, the service on Singapore Airlines was stellar – decent food with REAL glasses and silverware, free booze, and a pretty good in-flight movie selection to boot.

Singapore Air in-flight meal

I spent most of Thursday and Friday trying to sort out my “Alien Registration”, which is apparently needed before I can get a cell phone or bank account. I did manage to check out the surrounding area a bit in my free time however, and took a few pics of the surrounding area. The apartment is okay – a fairly small studio, but reasonably clean. The location is pretty nice – restaurants, grocery stores, you name it within a couple of blocks. Everything that isn’t nearby can be reached via the nearby subway station. I’ve been making pretty liberal use of the subway system so far, particularly considering a one-way fare is a dirt-cheap 900 KRW (~$0.80 USD) anywhere within the city. I plan to post more about the city, along with some better pics, in the next week or two.

Picture of apartment

Street outside my apartment

~ by theuncommonlife on May 15, 2010.

4 Responses to “A hectic week”

  1. Hi Chris! Thanks for dropping by the blog. Any news on reaching the register? Best of luck in Korea – I used to live in Shimane, the Japanese prefecture across the Sea of Japan (or the Korean Sea as Koreans call it), so I used to take the ferry to Pusan to visit friends quite a bit. I always wished I had picked up Korean – it’s a neat language.

  2. No problem, your blog never ceases to enlighten and entertain! I’m still waiting on my security clearance, so no news on reaching the register yet. No major red flags, but I had a rather long and varied list of foreign contacts that I am expecting will slow things down a bit. Of course, now I have even more that will make things all the more complicated in the future!

    Korean’s a pretty cool-sounding language, but I’m actually finding it a bit challenging to learn. Technically it has some similarities to Japanese, but also has some unique pronunciation that adds an additional challenge. I’m actually thinking of taking some Korean classes this summer, I’m hoping that plus the constant immersion will shorten my learning curve a bit. We’ll see I guess…

  3. hey. i thought i’d let you know ive linked your blog up on mine 🙂 good to see that all is well for you in seoul. cheers, june from down under.

  4. Thanks June! I returned the favor 🙂 I glanced at your blog and sounds like things are going well for you lately – glad to hear it! Seoul is great – getting moved in has really been keeping me busy as of late…but I think things are finally starting to quiet down a bit.

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