On the register, but in for a wait

Good news first – I am officially on the Foreign Service hiring register! Now for the bad news – I’m way down at the bottom (number 9/9). After talking with the registrar, it looks like the upcoming class (August/September) isn’t going to be an option for me so I’m fervently hoping to get an offer for the next SEO class in March 2011. Right now I’m trying to gauge my chances and think it could go either way. The September and March classes are supposed to have 12 openings each – I’m guessing most people on the register will take the September class, leaving the register mostly empty. Even if it fills up this winter, a few of those people will probably take deferrals, meaning I will hopefully have a decent shot of an offer even if I’m still dead last on the register.

Until then, I’ve decided to re-focus on enjoying my life here in Korea. Knowing I’ll be here for at least another 6-8 months isn’t all bad – at least now I can relax a bit and stop wondering when and/or if I’m leaving soon. I’m also stepping up my efforts to learn Korean – not just to make my life easier but for future career opportunities as well. Korean is still considered a critical-needs language by the State Department – passing the proficiency test would give me a much-needed boost on the register. On top of that, I’m considering career options here, and I think becoming reasonably good in Korean could open up a lot of doors for non-teaching jobs further down the road. I’ve had several people point out that a lot of Korean companies are expanding overseas and are subsequently doing plenty of hiring.

So while I’m a bit disappointed in being so low on the register and not having an imminent departure/start date, I am happy that I can at least stay in one place a bit longer and maybe make a bit more of a life for myself here. Who knows, maybe an even better opportunity will come along…

~ by theuncommonlife on July 20, 2010.

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