Bidding Season has begun

As you can probably guess by the lack of posts, the past few months have been a bit hectic. Between classes, family, and everything else, I’ve definitely had my hands full! However, now that things are slowing down a bit I thought I’d try to get this blog going again.

One of the biggest events at work this past month has been the start of bidding season. The 2012 entry-level specialist list came out about two weeks ago, with bids due the first week of September. The potential list for my specialty is fairly short – about a dozen posts overseas, plus another 4 or 5 spots here in DC. While DC is great, I’m definitely hoping to get overseas with this next tour. Both for career advancement (not much I can do here in DC as an entry-level employee with no field experience), and because I really want to get back out there…but we’ll see how it plays out. Either way, I should find out where I’m headed (or not headed) by late September/early October.

Speaking of travel, I do have a few trips to look forward to in the next couple of months – think I’ll be headed to Europe in mid-September, followed by a trip to visit family back in the Midwest. Should be fun!

~ by theuncommonlife on July 24, 2011.

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