I have a car again!

Not quite two years ago I sold my beloved maroon red 2004 Corolla and thus began my first-ever attempt at embracing the car-free lifestyle. At the time, I was living in Seoul and didn’t really want a car – public transit was stellar, and parking was pretty much nonexistent (Seoul-style parallel parking = parking your car on the sidewalk). Decided to continue going car-less when I moved to DC for various reasons; while it’s been a bit more of a challenge here, it’s still been surprisingly doable.

Still, the continuous delays of relying on Metro on the weekends, plus the fact that I’m spending more and more time outside the District (and up to renting cars almost every weekend), finally compelled me to start shopping around. Last weekend, I finally broke the car-free streak and bought a slightly-used Mazda3. Kind of nice not always being at the mercy of infrequent bus schedules or WMATA’s “scheduled track maintenance” anymore.

~ by theuncommonlife on March 13, 2012.

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